Month: February 2014

Unbearable Guilt

3.5 Stars


2 years ago he unknowingly played a role in the death of his fiancée Aimee leaving him with unbearable guilt. Forgiveness isn’t something he’ll allow for himself, but he’s definitely out for revenge. Kane’s moody, mean and generally an asshole to everyone. The town treats him like a killer and tries to avoid him at all cost, until Whitney.


At the age of 12, she lost both of her parents in an accident leaving her with a family friend she calls Uncle Santo. Now as an adult her “uncle” has plans for her, but Whitney is not willing to go along with them and moved away to get out from under Santo and his family. Being fairly new to town she meets Kane she sees a different side of him, one she wants to know better.


“I let pain speak for me. I let it feel for me, and I let it think for me.” 

For the first time since Aimee’s death, Kane is starting to have feelings for someone else. But this is a line he won’t cross. He needs to find Aimee’s killers and he doesn’t need or want a relationship. Letting go of Whitney completely is hard for Kane, which in turn sends Whitney very mixed signals. 

So here are my personal thoughts…
Minor spoilers if you keep reading→

I didn’t love this book, but I didn’t hate it. Whitney is okay, but put her with Lexie, Mollie and the other chicks and they were down right ANNOYING!!! 


My other issue is Kane and Aimee!!! I’ve read plenty of books when a main character is grieving the lost of a spouse/fiancée and they learn to heal and move on. In most cases they learn that they can have more than one love of their life. But I didn’t feel that with Kane. Aimee will always be his first and “one true love”. Shortly after the 80% mark Kane says: 

“God, why’d you have to complicate everything? If you wouldn’t have taken Aimee away from me, I wouldn’t be in this mess, and I wouldn’t have hurt Whitney like I did.”

To me, everything came back to Aimee and I never really felt this wonderful love connection between Kane and Whitney. And in the end, Kane was a MAJOR ass to Whitney and all he really had to do was say sorry and she forgave him. Kane was an douchebag for so long that he needed to do more to prove himself to me in the end, but those are just my thought ☺

Unbearable Guilt can be read as a standalone and is told by both POV’s.


Off the Record


3 Political Stars

Off The Record is a story about a man who wants his cake and his ice cream too!

Very minor spoilers if you keep reading→

Liz has had a crush on Hayden Lane, the editor of the university paper for 2 years now. When he asked her to attend a press conference with him she jumps at the chance. 

Liz unexpectedly gets pick to ask Senator Brady Maxwell a question at the conference announcing his run for office and she ends up surprising everyone and capturing the eye of Senator Maxwell himself. 

However, as much as the hot young Senator caught her eye, she doesn’t agree with his voting record and the article she writes isn’t very flattering for the up and coming candidate. 

Hayden is leaving for the summer and gives Liz the campaign division of the paper to run. Brady is gearing up for the primary in August, so it’s no surprise that weeks later they both end up at the same event. 

Brady and Liz sneak off together and end up having an amazing night of hot sex. Liz knows this could career suicide to sleep with a man she is writing about, while Brady know it would be even worst for him if anyone found out, so they leave it at that…just one night but one that neither of them will forget.

Brady contacts Liz again with the idea of a secret relationship. The only promise he will give her is that he will always choose the campaign over her. REALLY?? That’s an awesome way to start a relationship!

As you can tell this is a recipe for disaster!! As the summer ticks bye, the sexual relationship they have starts to feel like a real relationship. 

”Against all odds, she had fallen for this man. The one man she couldn’t have.” 

Brady doesn’t want Liz with anyone else, but he can’t claim her in public. What’s even worst then that is he has other women he takes as “dates” to events to keep the public happy?

“She knew then that in her heart what she really wanted was Brady. It had to be Brady. And yet…he couldn’t give her want she needed.” 

When her friends start telling her to dump her mystery man and try something real with Hayden, it really starts to leave Liz conflicted. She loves Brady but will she ever really be his? Does she trust him that there aren’t others like her in every city?

“A guy who wants to keep secrets from other people…is going to be okay keeping secrets from you.” 

For me, the first half of this book was slightly boring. VERY political!! I vote, but I don’t regularly watch CNN, so at times, I found it too slow for my liking (but that could just be me!!!!) 

Once the connection between Brady and Liz really started off the book picked up, however I wanted to slap Liz for just sitting around and waiting for when Brady could make time for her. And it really pissed me off when Brady didn’t want her around other men, but he took dates everywhere he went. 

Compared to K.A. Linde’s other series Avoiding Commitment, this book was extremely tame. It doesn’t rip your heart out and leave you royally pissed off. I guess that’s good or bad compared to how you liked that series. 

Off The Record is book 1 of 3. All but the last chapter is told by Liz’s POV. It doesn’t end with a major cliffhanger, just leaves us wondering what’s going to happen next with Brady and Liz. I may keep reading, but since the next book isn’t out until August, I might have forgotten all about this series by then ☹ 

***ARC provided by Montlake Romance/Netgalley for an honest review***

A Husband’s Regret



When Bronwyn tells her husband Bryce that she is pregnant he shatters her whole world by telling her to get out. Bronwyn does what he demanded and left. 

2 years later, their paths cross and Bryce is angry that Bronwyn stole the first year and half of his daughter’s life away from him, treating her like the villain not the victim.

Bryce and Bronwyn have two very different tales about what happened during those 2 years apart. From the moment Bronwyn steps out the door, events happen that will forever change their lives. Revenge seems to be a dish best served cold, but the question is who should be serving it? 


Natasha Anders has once again given us a mean brooding rich alpha male who we end up loving to hate. Bryce’s treatment of Bronwyn is atrocious, but when the truth comes out, he changes for the better making it hard not to root for him as he becomes a better person, father and hopefully husband. 
If you enjoyed the Unwanted Wife then A Husband’s Regret is a book you don’t want to skip! This is a complete story and can be read as a standalone. 

***ARC provided by Montlake Romance/Netgalley for an honest review***

Never Been Ready


Declan and Leah met in book 1, When You’re Ready. They shared a night that neither of them can forget, but life kept going on. Declan is a fairly famous actor in Hollywood, and Leah is a nurse in Virginia leaving them worlds apart.

Both Leah and Declan share a common past. Neither of them are use to people sticking around when times get tough. Leah’s never met a man that loved her enough to follow through with their promises. And Declan believes there are no selfless acts, everything a person does is for their own benefit. That is until he met Leah.

When Declan returns to Virginia to film his latest movie, he figures while in town, he will scratch his itch and get Leah out of his system once and for all. 

“When you knew what you were missing, it was almost worse than anticipating something you’d never had.” 

But when he stops by her house for a “booty call”. Leah is less than impressed that he would expect her drop everything for him and kicks him out.

Leah wanted that booty call just as bad, but the last thing she was going to do was look desperate. 

“An addict can hold out for only so long before she needs another fix, especially when her fix is six plus feet of raw alpha male.” 

After leaving Declan hanging she finally shows up, but not without a rule about how things were going to happen. For how ever long they were together, they would be exclusive. Now they just have to figure out how to enjoy each other without falling in love.

“Back to just good clean sex. I was great at that. In fact, I excelled at it. It was everything else in a relationship that I sucked at.”

“Loving him could complete me or destroy me.” 

If you are looking for an easy book with out a lot of unnecessary drama, and on the hearts and flowers side, then this is for you. I really enjoy this book. Declan is the perfect mix of hot sex and alpha male that I was looking for but the book lacks any real angst, but I was okay with that. Never Been Ready reads as a standalone, so you do not have to read book 1 first. 

The Pairing


The Pairing is by far my favorite Katie Ashley book so far. It was so refreshing to read about a guy who respects women and isn’t a total slut, but also likes to get his freak on in the bedroom. I love that Pesh has popped up in the Runaway Train series too! I love it when authors cross over their characters in series, and really you just can’t get enough Pesh.

Pesh is going to hold a top spot in my book boyfriend’s list, that’s for sure!

“A man who isn’t afraid of showing his emotions or his vulnerability is very sexy.” 

If you enjoyed reading The Proposition series, then you need to read this one!!


Knox is physically recovering after an explosion in Afghanistan. With 11 years in the military Knox is strong and a leader, and he’s not handling being immobile and dependent on others to kindly. 

Charlie is the volunteer helper assigned to Knox. Unknown to both of them, they share a similar past that includes cheating ex’s and heartbreak that has them swearing off the opposite sex. 

When Knox discovers that maybe his heart is ready to move forward, he’s worried about how this will effect his friendship with Charlie.

Charlie doesn’t put up with crap from anyone and that includes Knox. No matter how much she might want him she knows he’s not ready for anything more than friendship. But when Knox thinks someone else might beat him to Charlie he figures it’s now or never, and he’s more than ready.

“I want more…But I only want it with you.” 

Being in a relationship for the first time in years is harder to figure out than Knox first thought. He never expected to feel so possessive of Charlie and his feeling for her keep getting stronger. 

Now that they are a couple they have to figure out if they can truly trust someone with their heart and not let their past problems to come back to haunt them.



I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to like this book. I HATE the cat and mouse game. I enjoy reading about relationships not games that couples play with each other. You could tell that the chemistry between these two was going to be hot, but nothing was happening. They didn’t even kiss until after the 40% mark of the book, but then bam…everything starts coming together. It’s not instant love, by this time they known each other for a few months, and it just felt right. I was so happy that they started dealing with their feeling instead of hiding them. 

Incinerate is a complete story told by both POV’s and gets us ready for Kale and Lucy’s story next.

Worth the Chance

In high school Liv was Vince’s tutor. They formed a bond, a connection, but when life starts getting real, Vince walks away and never looks back.

Now 7 years later, Liv’s job puts her in Vince’s path, but she’s not the same naïve little girl and isn’t about to set herself up for another heartbreak, so it’s her turn to walk to way. But Vince doesn’t like hearing the word “no” and isn’t about to let Liv get her way.

“I want you Liv. I wanted you seven years ago. Want you even more now. So much that I can’t think about anything else.” 

Vince is starting to want a different kind of life, one with Liv in his future and not an endless stream of groupies.

What started out as work and ending years of lust she’s had for Vince, ends with Liv heart on the line.
But when Vince finds out that he’s more of a job to Liv than he first thought, the aftermath gets ugly.
Worth the Chance has everything needed for a great story. Second chance lovers, angst, a alpha hero/MMA fighter and really hot chemistry between the sheets. This is a complete story told by both POV’s and sets up for Jax’s story next…..Can’t Wait!!!

Only For You


2 Just did nothing for me Stars~

Everleigh Carsen is starting her last semester of college with her best friend Sam. For a little over a year, women have been attacked on campus causing a panic among the female population. Sam talks Everleigh into taking a women’s self defense class so they can be prepared for attack if necessary.

This is where Ev meets Hunter Charles, the self-defense instructor. Everleigh, who tends to let her mouth run wild, makes some rude remarks and gets asked to leave the class by Hunter, which is no skin off her back, she didn’t really want to be there anyway. But when she discovers that Hunter is now in a few of her classes she finds that the two of them enjoy bantering back and forth. 

After a few odd comments from Hunter, Ev decides he is gay, and invites him into her circle of friends. After 2 months, the two become best friends. While Ev does at times lust after Hunter, she still believes that he is batting for the other team, so she agrees to a date with another guy. This sets off Hunter’s alpha male ways leaving Ev wondering what’s wrong. When Ev starts asking her friends for advise everyone tells her the same thing, that they believe Hunter is in love with her and is acting out of jealousy. 

After confirming that Hunter is in fact a straight male, Ev discovers within seconds that she loves him. However he tells her that as much as he cares for her, its just not a good time for him to start a relationship, and if that means she needs to date other people, then he will have to live with that. 

From here on out, more women are attacked, some are even turning up dead and Hunter becomes even more protective of Ev, confusing us all. “He wants me, he wants me not”?!?!?


This takes up the first 40% of the book. Not much of a love connection when almost half of it was spent thinking the “hero” in the book is gay.


You can pretty much tell why he won’t date her, and in the end there was no shocker. What I couldn’t understand was why he just couldn’t tell her or tell her something that would make her understand that he would be able to be with her soon. 

And call me a smut whore but the sex scenes were almost non-existent. They finally kiss on the mouth about the 75% mark and then they have sex shortly after, but the details were about as hot as he slide into me and we rock together, and then we were falling over the cliff. The next and only other time they have sex wasn’t any better. 


This is a complete story told by Everleigh’s POV only.


4 Caveman Stars

Let me just say, that Shay Savage writes books that you will NOT forget. It doesn’t matter if you loved them or hated them. They all seem to stand out and are ones (at least for me) that stick with me long after I’ve finished reading them.

Transcendence is about a girl who wakes up in a strange place and gets recused by a caveman.

The two don’t speak a language they both understand so they have to comminute with each other with physical cues.

I have to say, I didn’t love this book like so many did, but I’m glad I read it and I will remember it. I have no idea if any of this could be real but I LOVED the idea of knowing what a real caveman is thinking. The story is told completely by “Ehd” POV and other than the fact that he doesn’t speak, he’s just like any other male I’ve ever met.

“After the previous night, feeling how wonderful just her mouth on mine felt, I have been plagued with thoughts of how good it would feel to have my penis inside of her. So now I am going to do everything I can to make her happy and convince her to mate with me.”

“I want to feel her body underneath mine. I want to know what it feels like to be inside of her.”

“I don’t understand, but when it comes to my mate, I rarely do.”

The story at times seemed extremely slow and their everyday life can be boring, but when I stopped to think just what part I would remove, I couldn’t think of one. It is slow, but it needed to be so at the end we felt that we lived that life too.

“Beh…..loves….Ehd.” “Edh luffs Beh.” 

If you are looking for a completely different book than your normal, pick this one up!



4.5 Stars~

After a wild night out partying ends with Trace in jail, his recording label decides he needs to clean up his image. Trace is notorious for his crazy lifestyle and even crazier crew of guys that work with him so who better to help his image than country music and America’s sweetheart Tayrn. 


The two share a record label, but that’s all they have in common. She’s a straight-laced white country singer and Trace is a black rapper and a man whore.

After recording the single, they both find themselves unable to stop thinking about the other. Trace starts by texting Taryn and from there they start a very unlike relationship and the two discover that maybe they aren’t so different after all. However both of them are on tour, never in the same place at the same time, so even if they want a relationship, how could they make it work?


Trace discovers for the first time in his life, that he got to know a girl before he slept with her. He starts to feel a connection with Taryn that he has never felt before and he wants more. He’ll give up his crazy lifestyle and the women, if it means he can call Taryn his. They just need everyone else to leave them alone long enough to figure things out.


As much as their label/mangers thought it was a great idea to pair them up for a song, no one really thinks it good for their image if they are dating. The find that being physically separated is only half the battle they have to fight if they want this to work.
Personally, I really liked this look! It still shocks me that people can be intolerant to interracial relationships, that I wasn’t expecting their fan to react they way they did. They found being famous wasn’t the only problem to over come, and that made this book so unlike the many others I’ve read. I can say this is one I will remember later