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5 I love Spencer Stars

If you haven’t read the books before GUNS, then STOP this is not a standalone story and you NEED to read the other books before starting this one!

Spencer and the “team” are still in danger of some serious fall out from their actions both from many years ago and from their involvement with Rook’s ex.

Now the guys have to worry about Rook, Ashleigh and even baby Kate getting caught up in their mistakes. This makes Spencer glad he made the decision to stay away from Ronnie…she at least will be the only one that can walk away completely clean.

But since Spencer never told Ronnie why he broke things off and that his plan is to one day have her back, she is convince that he’s a royal douchebag that is finally treating her like the trash the town thinks she is making her sometimes wish she hated him, even if her hearts says she loves him.

But Ronnie is wrong, Spencer loves her even more today then he ever has.

“Three years later and she still makes my heart beat faster.”

Spencer offers Ronnie a job she couldn’t refuse with the intensions of keeping an eye one her. But Ronnie is the Bomb that keeps him turning in circles and keeping an eye one her is anything but easy.

When a new man comes to town and shows a strange interest in Ronnie, she thinks this just might be the push Spencer needs to make his claim on her, but unfortunately Spencer once again walks away leaving Ronnie pissed and heartbroken and demanding answers.

“Because baby, I love you enough to push you away.”

The Team is hard at work trying to figure out who is coming at them and why, but in the end, Spencer learns a hard lesson, one that just might cost him his Bomb.

I’m sad to see this series end. I loved Ronin, Ford and Spencer, but I think this was a GREAT conclusion to their stories. I look forward to Number 5 getting his own book one day ☺




Mel has to be one of the strangest hero’s I’ve come across in a very long time.

Really, I didn’t know which direction was up or down with him and for me, I didn’t always enjoy that.

Anne ends up having a bad day when her friend and roommate skips out on her taking most of their stuff and owing her a lot of money. That night she ends up at David and Ev’s party with a friend and meets Mel.

Mel the drummer for Stage Dive is having some personal problems of his own and comes up with a plan to help both of them.

They will have a fake relationship. Mel will look like he is settling down with the love of his life and in return he will pay Anne’s rent and buy furniture for the apartment. All she has to do is play along and remember… everything is FAKE.

Life becomes a crazy ride for Anne at this point. She needs to keep her guard up and her feelings lock away tight. But why when no one else is around does it seem like Mel is still trying to win her over?

“You come across as this happy-go-lucky type dude most of the time, but you are in fact a man of many layers. You’re kind of complicated.”

Mel is keeping secrets, but so is Anne. The longer they are together the harder they both seem to fall, but can they take their fake relationship and make it real?

“Life could be a strange beautiful thing sometimes.”

The only reason I gave Play 4 stars and not 5 was Mel. He is one crazy S.O.B. and I think to really understand him I needed some of the book from his POV. I had a hard time knowing if he was joking or being serious. I didn’t really believe his feelings were 100% until the second half of the book. I think it was okay for him to be that crazy and wild, if we knew what he was thinking, but there were a few times I wondered if maybe he was bipolar.

Over all I enjoyed Play and if you are a fan of Lick-book one of the Stage Dive series, then you will want to read Mel and Anne’s story ☺

Still Life With Strings


4 I ♥ Shane Stars

Do you believe that life is one big coincidence or full of magic?

Still Life With Strings makes you want to believe in magic and sole mates and that maybe your choices in life, no matter how good or bad will eventually lead you to road you were meant to travel.

Jade Lennon at the age of 26 has been given more “bad” than any one person should have in one lifetime. She works to keep her sobriety and her 3 younger siblings cared for.

One night with a stranger ends up changing the course of her life after she meets Shane.

“I think I might have dreamt you.”

Little did either of them know just how over lapped their lives would end up. Shane is an amazing person inside and out and he clearly wants Jade, but being friends is all she can offer. Shane doesn’t have any friends so while he wants more with Jade he is willing to take anything she gives him.

Jade has never had a relationship that hasn’t caused her to drink. What will happen if she tires a relationship with Shane and it doesn’t work out? Is she strong enough to stay sober? Her younger siblings rely on her, so it’s clear Jade has a lot to lose if things don’t work out.

“We all see a lot when we decide to truly look.”

Jade discovers that if she loses Shane as either a lover or a friend she risk the same result so why not release some of their sexual tension with a friends with benefits arrangement.

But when Jade knows they have more than just physical feelings for the other, they can’t just stay friends. Can she deal with a new arrangement? Can two people who come from such different worlds really be “right” for each other?

“I let myself believe that things can happen that defy explanation.”

Add in a controlling mother, an ex who might want him back and a few family problems of her own, and Jade plate is full. The question just comes down to, if she will truly allow Shane into her heart?


I totally fell in love with Shane. Never not once in this book did he ever do anything that made me question him. He’s the type of guy girls dream about, but what really sold me, was how strong and controlling he could was behind closed doors.

Jade is the type of female that normally annoys the hell out of me. I HATE when a woman wants a guy but won’t date them and still strings them along. However, with Jade I felt her reasons were good. She was looking ahead and worried about what a fall out for her would cost her family.

If you are looking for a good, sweet and slight sad story then pick this one up! Shane will be a book boyfriend I will remember ☺

ARC provided by Romance Beckons Via NetGalley for an honest review.

The Bossman


3.5 Spank Me Stars

Sophie Palazzo father lived and died with his mafia family, leaving Sophie and her mother alone and hating the Family.

Almost 18 years later, Joey La Torre second in command of the Family sees Sophie for the first time in years. Sophie may have left the Family, but Joey is determined to get to know her.

Joey is past his wild days and is ready to settle down and he thinks Sophie just might be the perfect person for him.

“She was that girl who’d always been out of reach for guys like him.”

When Sophie ends up pushing Joey a little too far, he decides she needs a reminder of who’s in charge and gives her a spanking. Both of them are surprised to discover that Sophie enjoyed her spanking.. almost a little too much!!

For a girl who doesn’t want an alpha male she finds herself wanting to be naughty just so he can remind her who’s the Bossman.

While Sophie enjoys Joey, she WILL NOT be involved with the Family. Before her father died he also spent time in jail, and she isn’t about to get caught up in that life. Can and will Joey leave the Family for her? And can she trust him to really leave it all behind?

“You trust me enough to take a paddle to your ass, you can trust me to make you happy.”

The Bossman is fairly short book. I read in a just a few hours. Over all I enjoyed Joey’s alpha ways. Sophie while she enjoyed her “punishments” she wasn’t a push over and stood her own with Joey.

One thing I disliked, was the book jumped to the next night, day or even week without a break in the story. A few times I found myself going back to see if I missed something.

The Bossman is a complete standalone story ☺

ARC provided by Riverdale Avenue Books via NetGalley for an honest review.



First, I want to say, that when I give 3 Stars, it means that I liked the book, but I didn’t love it.

2 years ago, Caleb’s life changed in one moment leaving him damaged and unable to allow anyone into his life. His own roommate/friend doesn’t know what happen to him.

Then he gets paired up with Angie for a history assignment and Caleb is reminded of his past when he looks in Angie’s eyes and he refuses to work with her. 

Angie hasn’t had a great life, but lives in the moment and treats everyone with respect. She can’t figure out what she did to make the football star hate her so much but she’s determined to complete this project and get a good grade.

Angie is a great person, both inside and out and has the most forgiving heart. No matter how much Caleb decides he likes her and maybe even wants her, he knows he just not good enough for her. 

“I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anyone, but-“ 

Caleb ends up sending mix signals, he wants her but he has to remind himself he can’t have her. 


Angie finally gets the message and is determined to move on by flirting and dating other guys, that’s when Caleb sees that no one appears to be good enough for Angie so he might as well be the one to have her. 

“I knew I’d never be able to forgive myself, but I also was going to try and stop living in the past for the sake of my future.” 

When both of their past comes blasting back into their lives its clear that Angie has a better hold on life, and that Caleb deals with his by running, but how many times can he push her away before she doesn’t come back?

“I realized that Angie might be the one person who could save me.” 
The story is centered around Caleb’s big secret. No one finds out what it is until the ending. I have to say, since it was kept a secret for so long, I was expecting something bigger. It’s a sad story, but it didn’t shock me like I thought it was going to. 

Forgiven is borderline YA. The sex was detailed at times, but nothing to graphic. Over all I enjoyed Angie and Caleb and would recommend this to someone looking for a light read with a little angst in the relationship. Forgiven completes Caleb and Angie’s story. 



4.5 Stars

A week before her big day, Mia’s fiancé sends her a text calling off their wedding, while partying in Vegas. 

Mia’s a planner, and this was not on her scheduled list. Picking up the pieces and moving on doesn’t seem like something she can do, until her friends convince to her to take her honeymoon without her groom and at least enjoy one thing she has been planning… PARIS!

Walking around Paris and watching couples in love is very sickening and she finds herself going into a bar looking to get away from people in love, when she meets the bartender Lucas.

Lucas is a French American living in both countries and is only helping out at the bar when Mia comes in. He offers to be her personal tour guide for the next day and the two hit it off. The sexual tension is strong between them, but can Mia really have a fling and get her douchebag ex out of her system, without falling for a guy she knows she can’t have? 
Frenched is a cute, fun and pretty quick read. One of the best light reads I’ve picked up lately. The humor and banter had me laughing and I found myself really enjoying this book. 

I thought the ending was a little rushed. I need a novella to help me rap up their story, but other than that I LOVE it ☺


3.5 Stars
When Jordan first meets Michaela, he is dating her good friend and she is engaged to another man. That doesn’t stop him from lusting after her, but it does stop from perusing her. But as luck would have it, Michaela discovers her fiancé and friend in bed together leaving both Jordan and Michaela single. 

As much as Jordan wants Michaela, he knows he needs to give her time, he want more than one night from her and isn’t going to settle for being her rebound guy.

As time goes by, they end up as best friends but Jordan is determined to get out of the “friend zone”. 

Michaela wants Jordan as well, but not at the risk of losing his friendship. When things end up going way past friends one night after a party, Jordan puts his foot down and makes it clear. Michaela is his!

Jordan has waited a year for this, so he’s perfectly fine with moving things fast, but Michaela is just coming to terms that Jordan has wanted her all this time and now she is seeing a very different Jordan. Her friend was the funny, laid back guy and this Jordan is possessive and extremely alpha male. 

Who is the real Jordan? When Michaela discovers that Jordan has also withheld some other parts of his life, she is left wondering if she ever really knew him.

While trying to figure this out, crazy things are starting to happen and it appears that someone is out to get Michaela. 
Over all I enjoyed Relentless. I really liked the MC. Jordan is hot and Alpha Male, which is my cup of tea, and Michaela wasn’t an annoying heroine. 

Jordan never told Michaela something in the year that they got to know each other. And I didn’t care for that part of the twist. 

For the most part I enjoyed Jordan and Michaela. This complete their story and I plan to read the next books in the series ☺

ARC provided by Anna Wells Publishing via NetGalley

Law of Attraction


Gabrielle is a public defender and Braden is a district attorney. The two find themselves in the courtroom together but always on opposite sides.

“Sometimes there’s a find line between pissed off and turned on.” 

Gabrielle has a huge crush on Braden, but he’s a player and she’s not looking to be anyone’s one night stand, so she stays clear of him. That is until one night when she has a few drinks and ends up flirting with him to the point of scoring a real date.

Braden has been thinking about doing some very dirty things to Gabrielle for while now so agreeing to date was easy, but once he starts to get to know her he finds his womanizing days leave little to be desired.

The Law of Attraction is such a cute book. I really fell in love with Gabrielle and Braden.

Their story ends with a HFN (no cliffy) but their journey continues in book 2, The Home Court Advantage. 



4.5 Completely Destroyed Stars

When fate takes Hazel to an illegal fight club where nothing is cheap and everything is exclusive she crosses the path of the owner. The dark, ominous Obsidian Fox. 

Fox feels a strange pull towards a women he sees his club. This never happens. What does she know? Why is she here? Why does his body all of a sudden have needs? Fox wants answers and isn’t about to let this beauty slip away from him.

Fox decides he wants Hazel, but he goes about it the wrong way leaving her feeling like a whore after he offers her money in return for having sex with him. 

“The instant I saw her I lost part of myself.” 

Whore or not, Fox is offering money to Hazel at a time when she couldn’t possibly need it more. She can live with the regret of offering her body but she can’t live with the physical time she has to give him.

“I was hungry. Really hungry for something true. A connection; a sexual awakening. My body wanted Fox while my mind wanted to fight him on every subject. The combination threatened to create a addiction that not even money could break.” 


They both are fighting demons, they both have ugly truths, but can they deal with the barriers that seem to keep them apart at every turn?

“No, I’m not okay. Everything about you tells me to run, yet I ignore myself and end up getting hurt again. I hate myself for needing to help others-it’s a compulsion that’s driving me insane.” 


When I first saw this book was marked “dark” it worried me. I can handle dark books but to a certain degree. This was the PERFECT dark book for me. It deals with dark topics and an extremely tortured-hero, but not a despicable person beyond redemption.

Fall Into Forever


By all appearance Ivy seems like the perfect girl. Comes from a good home, gets good grades, doesn’t go crazy at college parties and everyone seems to like her, but Ivy is fighting her own personal demons and she good at hiding them.

Jon appears to be just the opposite. Tattoos, rides a bike, and is known for selling weed on campus, not to mention the groupies that seem to follow him everywhere he goes. 

When Jon meets Ivy during a party at his house, he finds her trying to climb out of a tree trying to make her escape from something or someone.

Time passes and either of them can forget the other one. When they run into each other at a bar they want to give into their desires, but can they?

Jon doesn’t do relationships for a reason and no matter how strong his feelings for Ivy are he needs to let her go, but when weeks go bye he discovers he just can get her out of his head. 

When Ivy and Jon really let their guard down they discover that maybe they aren’t so different after all. 
Fall Into Forever has a Beautiful Disaster feel to it. Two college students who normally wouldn’t fit each other by outward appearances but find that they have a lot in common otherwise. Over all I really liked the story, I just didn’t love it. It’s told by both POV’s, so I enjoyed knowing what was going on with Jon, but I think the author still left a few things unclear for me. 

Over all I wished I had connected a little more with Jon and Ivy. The story line was good, but for me it was missing that special magic that makes a book unforgettable. I can say that I never thought about not finishing it and I would read more from this author! Fall Into Forever is a complete standalone story. 

ARC provided by NetGalley/Aspendawn for an honest review