Month: April 2014

The Resistance~S.L. Scott


While Holli is in Vegas for a work conference she meets Jack Dalton at the hotel bar. The two hit it off right away, and before you know it, she agrees to go back to his room for “more”.

Even though Holli feels a special connection to Jack, she’s sure this will just end as a one-night stand, but when Dalton pushes for more Holli has to decide what she’s willing to give.

Dare to dream.  That’s how Holli lives life, so she’s ready to roll with it, until she discovers that Dalton has kept something pretty big from her and this could change everything.


The Resistance is more of a “hearts and flowers” type of book. A little drama, and a love at first sight kind of romance, but over all I enjoyed it.  

Happy Reading!!




Another 4 HOT Stars!

We met Wes and Braden in Colide. They left the bar together and ended up having a one-night stand, but when Wes got up and left before morning he left Braden wanting more.

Braden loves beautiful people. He’s bi-sexual and enjoys finding pleasure with others, but he’s not looking for a relationship.

People always leave Wes. They either die, or walk away so he’s learned to keep himself closed off, and his heart guarded. When he hooked up with Braden, he was looking for a distraction from his life and nothing more.

But life catches up with Wes when his sister finally dies from cancer and leaves her 5-year-old daughter Jessie to him. Finding himself suddenly a single parent, Wes discovers life is hard when you’re alone.

Braden doesn’t want to let go of Wes. His ego was bruised a little when he woke up and found Wes gone, and that has him needing to prove himself. But as time goes on, and he starts to really get to know Wes, and now little Jessie, he finds himself wanting a life he never thought possible. But can Braden get Wes to let his guard down enough for them to be a family?


Wes knows his feelings for Braden are real and he knows Braden has fallen in love with Jessie, he just needs to let go of his fears and see what’s right in front of him before it’s too late.


Wes and Braden make a wonderful pair, and add Jessie to the mix they are a awesome family! I can’t wait for Mason’s book next!!



4 Hot Stars

Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw were childhood best friends, but when Noah’s family suddenly moves away the two never get to say goodbye.

Seventeen years later, after catching his partner cheating on him Noah packs up and heads back to Blackcreek for a fresh start.

Cooper ends up running into Noah…literally hitting him with his truck and sending him to the hospital (lucky nothing serious).

Feeling a little guilty and wanting to catch up with his old friend Cooper offers Noah a room at his house.

The two discover a lot has changed in the years they were apart, Noah is an openly gay man. And Cooper loves the ladies.

As they learn to live their everyday lives together they both discover an attraction blooming. Noah doesn’t lust after straight men, and Cooper…well he’s straight so why does he find a man sexy??

Noah and Cooper are walking a fine line. If they act on their desire and things don’t work out, they risk loosing their friendship.

Noah wants Cooper and can handle the aftermath if Cooper isn’t read for a relationship, but can Cooper really handle his sudden lust for Noah? And if he can, is he willing to admit he’s gay and be open about it?


I have to say, I was a little worried about a straight man who suddenly turns gay or bi-sexual, but this book wasn’t that way at all. Cooper really did struggle with his desires for Noah and he fought the idea that he might be gay.


Collide has great secondary characters that sets us nicely for the next book Stay!

In Dark Woods~Signal Bend Series 4.5

Susan Fanetti has once again delivered an emotional and heartbreaking story!


You NEED to read Alone on Earth, Book 4 of the Signal Bend series before read In Dark Woods.


Isaac and Lilli have once again found themselves in a dark place, where their lives are forever changed.


They love they share is strong, but is it strong enough?




In my opinion, this is a MUST READ if you loved Isaac and Lilli’s story (Signal Bend Series, books 1 & 2). We thought these two had their HEA already, but we find out that life has other plans. Susan Fanetti did a wonderful job taking us through this next phase of life for this wonderful couple.

Meet the Author:



Susan Fanetti~

 I was born and raised in the Midwest–Missouri, to be precise. A few years ago, I was transplanted into the dusty soil of Northern California and have apparently taken root there. An inveterate geek and gamer, I am a fan of many things considered pop culture and maybe even lowbrow. I’m a particular fan of Joss Whedon. Seriously. If he wrote it, I’m in.

The Signal Bend Series is in progress, with five books and a novella released so far: Move the Sun, Behold the Stars, Into the Storm, Alone on Earth, In Dark Woods (the novella), and All the Sky. Two more books are planned to complete the series.

The Freak Circle Press is an independent collective of friends and fellow writers. Find more information at the link above. I post there under the handle “laughingwarrior.”

The Freak Circle Press also has a FB page:

Alone On Earth


4.5 Nerdy Biker Stars

The Hollywood actors have all headed out to Signal Bend to get a feel for the town and the characters they are playing. This is when Bart meets the famous Riley Chase.

Riley is still recovering from the death of her boyfriend but when she meets Bart she starts to feel something that she never knew existed in real life.

Bart has never loved a woman, but what he starts to feels for Riley just might be love.

However, Riley is only in Signal Bend for a few weeks, and Bart can’t and won’t leave the Hordes behind, so how can they ever be together?


Life in Signal Bend has been quite and safe for a few years now, but nothing stays quite for long with the Hordes. Alone on Earth is full of excitement when the Hordes once again find themselves in a battle of do or die.


I really loved Bart. He is the perfect mix of nerd and biker. It was a nice change in the roll of the typical MC hero, and I could have read so much more of Bart and Riley’s story!!!

Meet the author:


Susan Fanetti Goodreads Author
born in Saint Louis, Missouri
twitter usernamesfanetti
genreRomance, Contemporary, Suspense
member sinceAugust 2011

I was born and raised in the Midwest–Missouri, to be precise. A few years ago, I was transplanted into the dusty soil of Northern California and have apparently taken root there. An inveterate geek and gamer, I am a fan of many things considered pop culture and maybe even lowbrow. I’m a particular fan of Joss Whedon. Seriously. If he wrote it, I’m in.

The Signal Bend Series is in progress, with five books and a novella released so far: Move the Sun, Behold the Stars, Into the Storm, Alone on Earth, In Dark Woods (the novella), and All the Sky. Two more books are planned to complete the series.

The Freak Circle Press is an independent collective of friends and fellow writers. Find more information at the link above. I post there under the handle “laughingwarrior.”

The Freak Circle Press also has a FB page:

Broken~Lauren Layne

BROKEN by Lauren Layne Teaser Reveal and Cover Spotlight


Lauren Layne, the author of the hit New Adult romance Isn’t She Lovely, and Random House’s Flirt imprint, are thrilled to share a first look at BROKEN, Lauren’s upcoming New Adult romance, and spotlight her gorgeous new cover!




Lauren Layne’s New Adult novel tells the story of a girl with secrets, a guy with scars, and a love that could save them both… or destroy them.

When Olivia Middleton abandons the glamour of Park Avenue for a remote, coastal town in Maine, everyone assumes she’s being the kind do-gooder she’s always been. But Olivia has a secret: helping an injured war veteran reenter society isn’t about charity—it’s about penance. Only, Olivia’s client isn’t the grateful elderly man she’s expecting. Instead, he’s a brooding twenty-four-year-old who has no intention of being Olivia’s path to redemption . . . and whose smoldering gaze and forbidden touch might be her undoing.

Paul Langdon doesn’t need a mirror to show him he’s no longer the hotshot quarterback he was before the war. He knows he’s ugly—inside and out. He’ll do anything to stay in self-imposed exile, even accept his father’s ultimatum that Paul tolerate the newest caretaker for three months or lose his inheritance. But Paul doesn’t count on the beautiful twenty-two-year-old who makes him long for things that he can never have. And the more she slips past his defenses, the more keeping his distance is impossible.

Now Paul and Olivia have to decide: Will they help each other heal? Or are they forever broken?


** Teaser Reveal!**


Olivia squirms. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’ve never known a female to acquiesce that easily without a catch. How about you hit me with it now and get it over with?”

Olivia shrugs. “Fine. I was going to say that I won’t run alone, if you promise to go with me.”

“No,” I say, almost before she’s finished her sentence.

“Why not?”

I rap my cane once against the ground. “Well, for starters, despite the fact that there are tortoises that could surpass your sorry excuse for a jog, I’m in no shape to accompany even the most pathetic of runners.”

“What a handy skill you have of overloading a sentence with insults,” she says as she reaches up to adjust her ponytail. “That must be helpful what with your thriving social life and all.”

I thump my cane against the ground again, studying her. “Must be nice, picking on the cripple.”

Olivia rolls her eyes. “Please. Your soul’s more crippled than your leg.”

She has no idea how right she is, and I have no intention of letting her anywhere close enough to find out. I’ve gotten good at shutting people out by pushing them away . . . being as nasty as possible until they reach their breaking point. But with her? It’s different.




We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of BROKEN by Lauren Layne! Love everything Lauren Layne? Her newest adult contemporary romance in the Sex, Love and Stiletto series, JUST ONE NIGHT, is on sale now!



Fighting to Forget


For me, this is J.B. Salsbury’s best yet! Fighting to Forget is the 3rd book in Fighting series, but is by far my favorite. Ms. Salsbury’s writing and story telling just keeps getting better with each book.

Fighting to Forget is Rex Carter’s story. He’s a fighter and plays in his band and appears to have it all. But no one really knows him. The demons he has inside him control almost his every move. He lives in his own personal hell, and what’s worst then that…he doesn’t even understand why.

 Georgia McIntyre made a promise to save Rex when she was only a little girl. Something horrible was happening to Rex, but at the age of 8 Gia couldn’t understand what, only that it was bad and Rex didn’t like it. But then Rex died and she was never given the chance to make it up to him.

 Fourteen years later Gia discovers that she was lied to, Rex never died. As far as she is concerned Gia died too, and she now goes by Mac. This is her second chance at to make good on her promise to him. And Mac isn’t about to let anyone hurt Rex again and will do anything within her power to protect him.




Mac has been hanging out in the shadows of Rex’s life, but fate finally has Rex noticing her, and boy does he notice. Rex feels something for this girl, but can’t understand the connection.


“What the hell is this women doing to me?”


For the first time in Rex’s life, he’s being honest with someone. He can’t explain why he has his demons, but he starts to feel safe enough with Mac to explain his behavior and the need for control.


“I don’t have to hide who I am when we’re together.”


Being honest and real with Mac is a powerful feeling for Rex. He never thought he could really be with a women, but he’s starting to see a his future and it’s has her in it.


“Maybe all I need is someone who understands and likes me for who I am, and that includes the ugly and the depraved.”

While Rex is opening up and being honest, Mac is keeping secrets. She not telling him that she’s really Gia, and that his nightmares might really be flash backs. Fear of how he will react and that she wasn’t able to keep her promise to him has her holding back the truth.

But like every good secret or lie, the truth eventually comes out and when Rex discovers what Mac has been keeping from him, he can’t seem to get past him own hurt to see the pain she has lived with.


 JB Salsbury is now an auto buy author for me. I have enjoyed this whole series, and each time I read a new book I think I couldn’t like the next one better only to be proven wrong. Rex and Gia’s story is so extremely sad, but I still loved each moment of their story. Rex is friends with other fighters from this series, but I LOVED how he ends up even more connected to the characters.


Each Fighting book can be read as a standalone, but the characters build with each book, so reading them in order will help with your enjoyment of the series!

Next up is Fighting the Fall, due out October 2014 and this will be Eve’s story!

Vital Sign



4.5 Second Chance Stars

Sadie Parker has always been “the good girl”. She married her high school sweetheart and is living her happily ever after.

 Alexander McBride is the “wild child” living life to the extreme and rebelling against his political father whenever possible, until he gets sick and finds himself on a heart transplant waiting list.

 But one night, one gunshot, changes the course of their lives forever.    

 After the death of her husband, Sadie can’t seem to move on. Two years later and she still has the same amount of anger coursing through her.


“I’m bitter, and angry, and lonely, and confused. But most importantly, I am utterly and completely heartbroken that I had a fairytale life and in a split second it was stolen from me.”


Sadie’s family decides it might help her to move forward if she meets some of her husbands transplant recipients. Sadie could care less to meet them but will agree to just about anything to get her family off her back.


“I’m tired and broken and ready to give up.”


When she arrives to an island off Georgia to meet the man who received her husband’s heart, she foolishly wanders the beach and into the freezing cold water only to be saved by Zander. It’s only seconds before the two realize that Zander is Alexander, the man who now has her husband’s heart.

 Zander has a strange need to protect the woman he just met. He’s feeling a connection to her like nothing he’s ever felt before. But it’s clear Sadie has her walls up and isn’t about to let him into her heart.


“I can’t forget. If I forget my past, I’ll forget Jake right along with it, and that’s a fear of the greatest proportion.”


Sadie can’t deny that she feels something for Zander, but it still feels like she is cheating on her dead husband. But Zander is willing to go slow, but he’s not willing to let her run away.


“Sadie scares the shit out of me. I’ve never felt so needy and protective of any women in my entire life. She makes me think things that I’ve never thought of before.”


After two long years, Sadie finally has someone to live for, if she can just let go of her past and allow herself a future with Zander.




This is my first time reading anything from J.L. Mac and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised just how much I enjoyed Vital Signs. I started this book without knowing anything about it and was sucked in and I didn’t want to put my kindle down. I love second chance stories and I really LOVED Zander. At times I found Sadie a little annoying, but I think after losing her husband they way she did, it was understandable.


Vital Sign is a complete standalone story. Happy Reading J




4.5 I love Adam Stars


N.M. Silber did it again!! I loved this book, and didn’t want it to end. If you enjoyed the first two books in this series, then you NEED to read Legal Briefs.


Lily Adler has hated Adam Roth since preschool, and don’t worry, Adam feels the same way towards Lily. But what’s that old saying??? There’s a fine line between love and hate.




When one of Adam’s good friends ends up dating then marring of one Lily’s good friends, the two find themselves together more than either of them would care for.


“Well, if I wanted someone who created a reaction in me, I certainly got my wish.”


After a weekend away together with all of their friends, Lily can’t seem to stop thinking about Adam. Only now she is thinking about him licking more then her fruit rollup. But Adam told her he’s not ready…

“For years, hell for decades, we had been enemies. Then I had begun to question what my true feelings for him had been all along. I had finally admitted the intense physical attraction I felt for him didn’t just develop this summer.”

 Once this two get over their fear of rejection and agree to go on a date, the fun really begins. Lily is a published author and lives in a crazy apartment building, and she also has some very questionable fans. While Adam’s mom is ready to start planning their wedding after just one date, leaving both of them a little freaked out.


“You don’t battle somebody for twenty-three years and then trust them with your heart overnight.”

 When life goes beyond crazy for these two, they are forced to admit their feelings faster than either of them were prepared to.



Legal Briefs can be read as a standalone, however Adam and Lily’s feud started in Braden and Gab’s story (books 1 & 2) and the whole gang is back, so why reading the first two books aren’t required they will help your enjoyment of this book.


N.M. Silber writes the type of Hero’s I LOVE. Womanizers who turn into the perfect alpha male once they meet their other half so




For giving me a ARC copy Legal Briefs to review!

I think Mark’s story is next, and I can’t wait!!

Veiled Innocence



Ella Frank has given readers every parent’s worse nightmare. A teacher crossing the line with a student. But with Veiled Innocence, we learn that it shouldn’t always be the teacher’s fault.

Addison has deep emotional issues that started a few years before after a tragic accident. Addison is confident, outgoing, an athlete, and she always gets her way.

 On her first day of her senior year of high school, she meets the new history teacher and after just one look, she has decided it’s him that she wants.


“I’d always liked a challenge. It was in my nature to win.”

 Mr. McKendrick knows trouble when he sees it, and it just walked through his door eyeing him up like he’s her next meal.


“Addison Lancaster was more women than girl, and she was dangerous.”


This is where the book will push your buttons. Addison is spoiled little girl who is used to getting her way. She’s experienced pain in a way most people never will, but that doesn’t give her the right do whatever she wants. While Mr. McKendrick would have to be dead not to be attracted to Addison, he knows acting on it is wrong and he does everything he can to stay clear of his desires.





“She was everything I couldn’t have and shouldn’t want, but the more she taunted, the more my resolve crumbled.”


“It wasn’t permission I needed. It was strength. The strength to resist.”


Addison doesn’t understand the word no. She will get her way, she knows this, and it’s just a matter of time. But secrets likes these never stay secret for long. Someone always slips up, and in the end it’s not going to be Addison who pays for the crime.





“Fuck, I was in heaven. I was also aware that I was pretty damn close to being assured a spot in hell.”


Veiled Innocence is told from the present time to the past until the end when the book all comes together. Why Addison acts the way she does become clear. You know something bad has happen, you just don’t know what. I really enjoyed how everything came together and the way the book jumped back and forth didn’t bother me, it kept the flow of the book going.

 The ending. It’s not that I didn’t like it, I just wished it had more detail, a longer Epilogue would have made me happy. Over all this a good story if you enjoy the teacher/student scenario and can deal with a spoiled heroine that’s used to getting her way. I didn’t love this book, but I do think Ella Frank did an amazing job and this is one I will remember.