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3.5~ Second Chance Stars


The world is full of untapped potential; everyone has experience it. Glances across the room. Locked gazes. Secret smiles. Silent converstations. When it comes to lust, words are never needed. You feel something inside you stir, your body begins to warm, and you just know. You can feel something buried spring to life, and just like that a connection is born. You’re strangers, then suddenly you’re something more…kindred spirits, like-minded in your attraction for each other.

I’d had that with both Jase and Hawk.

But there was only one who could steal your soul, that untouchable, unreachable place inside you that existed only in your mind, that warmed and cooled, fluttered and shook without rhyme or reason, and make it theirs forever.


It’s been 7 years since Dorothy picked up and moved her life to California, but when she gets frantic call requesting her to come home she’s finally forced to deal with her tragic past.

Neither Jase nor Hawk has emotionally moved on, and both would clearly like a relationship with Dorothy. But after all of these years, and thinking with a clear head, Dorothy knows there’s only one man for her.

My thoughts:

Compared to the other Undeniable books, this one was pretty tame. There really wasn’t much of a love triangle because Dorothy knew which one her heart really wanted, and grew up enough not to play the men against each other. Dorothy made her peace and moved on with one of them.

Even thought I don’t think this one is as good as the previous ones, I still think it’s a MUST read for those who are fans of the Undeniable series.

Up next, ZZ story. He has a LONG rode ahead of him to become redeemable but I still can’t wait for his story





3.5 Stars

Asher is struggling with life after the death of his brother/best friend. He’s using alcohol and easy women as his way of dealing with life.

Chelcie and Asher had a short friendship but since Asher has allowed his life to spend out of control, Chelcie made the decision to move on.

Asher doesn’t have a lot to live for, but when he finally gets a wake-up call he has to act fast if he want Chelcie in his life.

However, Chelcie has been keeping a secret about her past and it’s slowly becoming her future. Now, Asher will have to decide how much he really wants Chelcie and what he’s willing to live with.


My Thoughts:

Cooper is the 4th book in the Corps Security series, and I really enjoyed it. Each book can be read as a standalone, but they build off of each other and it’s best to read the series in order.

Chelcie was one of the best heroine’s so far (in my opinion). I have to say, that for me personally all of the hero’s in this series are real whores before they settle down and at times I have found that to be OTT, and that’s no different with Cooper. Just like with book 2, the story starts off with Asher having sex with a random whore. I’m hoping that with Maddox’s story next and the fact that he’s already made a connection with Emmy that we’ll skip over that part because it does nothing for me.

With that being said, if you have enjoyed this series so far then you’ll want to read this one!


His Unlikely Lover


4 Friends to Lovers Stars

Bobbi and Gabe have been best friends since childhood, but what Gabe doesn’t know is that for the last six years, Bobbi has secretly wanted more than just Gabe’s friendship.

After seeing Gabe dancing once again with another women at a party Bobbi ends up drinking her worries away. By end of the night a very tipsy Bobbi ends up kissing Gabe and changing the course of their friendship.

Gabe should have been mad that his tom-boy of a best friend kissed him, but now he’s seeing Bobbi in a totally different way.

As great as their friendship has been, what Gabe is looking for in a relationship isn’t Bobbi, but now that he’s seeing her in a sexual way, why not add some new benefits to their friendship??

Bobbi has wanted Gabe for so long now, that she’s even willing to be his dirty little secret, but what’s she’s not willing do is change her lifestyle and be something she’s not.

My Thoughts:

Natasha Anders likes to write about alpha males that we hate to love, but some how can’t help but to fall for them.

Gabe was a little harder for me to love than the two previous heros.  He made Bobbi feel that there was something wrong with her appearance and non-existence female ways and that there was no way for him to ever really want her. The only thing that saved this book for me, was after Gabe made an complete ass of himself, Bobbi grew a real backbone and decided she deserved a real man that would want her however she comes. A hero can be a dickhead, but he MUST grovel to win any points back with me.

Once again, I was happy with Natasha Anders’ and while this book is slightly different then the first two books I would still recommend it to others that have enjoyed this series.

Happy Reading ☺


Better When He’s Bad


3.5 Bad Stars

Shane “Bax” Baxter just spent 5 years in jail after being set up and is out looking for answers from his best friend Race. Race knows what happen the night that Bax was set up, but finding him is starting to become a problem.

Race has disappeared, but a feisty red-head named Dovie claiming to be Race’s half sister keeps popping up causing Bax more problems then he wants or needs.

Bax uses women for sex, he gets off and gets out, but after spending some time with Dovie he knows that if he goes there with her, he’ll want more for the first time in his life because she just might be “The One”.

Bax is “bad” and Dovie is “good” but they both come from the same side of the tracks and they might not be that different after all.


My thoughts:

I liked this book, I just didn’t fall in love with it. For some reason, I didn’t make a strong connection with Dovie and Bax but I thought the heroine (Dovie) was miles better than any of Jay Crownover’s other heroines and for that reason alone, I wouldn’t allow myself to dislike this book.

Happy Reading ☺


Bastian’s Storm


4 Stars

Returning to civilization with Raine is more than Bastian can handle and the need for a drink is stronger than ever. Sharing Raine with the world doesn’t make Bastian happy, but for Raine he’s willing to try anything.

When Bastian’s past comes back he ends up being blackmailed into another tournament. It becomes do or die for Bastian and his new life with Raine and the possibility of a family together.


Once again, Shay Savage’s blows me away with her storytelling. This series, is completely different from anything I’ve personally read and really makes me a fan of Ms. Savage.

Bastian’s Storm completes Bastian and Raine’s story and is once again told by Bastian’s POV only.


Life After Taylah



This is the first book that Bella Jewel sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down. This book pushed my personal limits and I don’t know if I would have read it, if I had read some spoilers on it first.

However, with that being said Life After Taylah is a powerful, well-written story and even though it pushed my limits, I’m not mad that I read it and I would still recommend it to other readers.

There were a few things towards the ending that I didn’t care for and that’s my only reason for not giving it a full 5 stars.

If you would like a spoiler regarding the topic that pushed me out of my comfort zone, you can read my review on Goodreads.

 Happy Reading 


Dirty Angels


3 Dirty Stars

We first met Javier Bernal in On Every Street The first book in the Artist Trilogy. And like so many others, I fell HARD for him and I’ve been oh so patiently waiting for his story. Why I fell so in love with Javier, I have no idea. His part in the Artist Trilogy isn’t a sweet romance, and really he’s a mean dirty SOB, but he’s still the hero that we love to hate and secretly want for ourselves.

Dirty Angels starts with the beautiful Luisa Chavez, struggling to make a life for herself and her disabled parents when the well-known drug lord Salvador Reyes decides to make Luisa his wife. While Luisa will be nothing more than a beautiful women on Salvador’s arm, this will relieve her financial struggle to take care of her parents.

When Luisa soon discovers the dirty world she’s now a part of, she plans her escape, only to end up in the hands of another drug cartel leader, but none other than our beautiful dirty king Javier Bernal.

Javier was looking for a weapon to use against Salvador and taking his wife sounded like the best plan, but Javier soon discovers that Salvador doesn’t seem to attached to his beautiful wife and he might have cause more problems for himself then he ever thought possible.


I couldn’t care about her pain or her well being or her past or her feelings. I was holding her for ransom, using her body and life to get what I wanted. I couldn’t care about any of that. And yet, I think I did.

But Javier has aloud love to control his actions once before, and this time he plans to fight any feelings he might be having, no matter the cost.

She had become my equal. And in the morning she would become nothing.


But can Javier live with his own action, and continue to live his life with out love?


My thoughts:

For whatever reason, I didn’t get sucked into this book like I did when I first met Javier. There quite a bit of build up and Javier and Luisa don’t connect until well over half way through the book. I just kept waiting for “more” to happen. So while I didn’t hate this book by any means, I didn’t fall in love with it. If you are a huge Javier fan, then I think you should give this a try, you might like even more than I did.

Happy Reading ☺


No Regrets


3.5 Cute Stars

Leslie’s best friend just happens to be her very sick dog. Making the decision to put her dog down throws Leslie life out orbit. When the hot new Veterinarian who happened to be the doctor she used comes across a very sad and emotional Leslie, they agree to get a drink together.

Leslie doesn’t go to bars with strange men, but she’s decided to live her life without regrets, and up until now she hasn’t been very good at it.

I didn’t want to be that person. I wanted to be someone else. I’d regret not trying to be this new kind of women, and I wasn’t going to live with more regrets.

Josh has decided to live his life freely and without strings. After an amazing night with Leslie he wants more, but only if she can understand that “more” doesn’t mean he’s offering a commitment.

Leslie soon learns that keeping her feelings for Josh out of their relationship isn’t going to be easy.

We weren’t playing house. We weren’t even really friends. We were fuck-buddies, and I couldn’t forget it.

But when these two are faced with another emotional situation it becomes clear that Josh will never want more from Leslie, and staying with him might be her biggest regret.


No Regrets is a cute, sweet book. I read it pretty quickly but I really enjoyed Leslie and Josh.

Happy Reading ☺

*ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.

No Regrets is set to be published on July 22nd, 2014

Sweet Perdition


3.75 Stars

After watching her ex-boyfriend and best friend get married, Elizabeth is feeling a little lost and ends up at Perdition, the local biker bar.

Ryker is used to a fast life and easy women, but when he sees a cute red head that looks completely out of place in his clubs bar, it peaks his interest.

Ryker doesn’t have to put in any effort to get women to sleep with him so he decides getting this sexy but innocence women to screw him will be an exciting challenge.

She still had a bit of innocence left and it made him crave to be the one who schooled her. Corrupted her.

At the rate Elizabeth is living her life, she going to be the old lady with 20 cats, so she gives in to desire for Ryker and what appears to be a one-night stand.


After their night together, Ryker is left confused. After he screws a chick, he’s done, but with Elizabeth he wants more he just doesn’t know what “more” is.

Unlike Elizabeth, Ryker never has been in a relationship before. He sets up rules that he doesn’t feel he should have to follow, and Elizabeth isn’t having it.

He and Elizabeth would fuck for a while and that would be that. She might be in his bed but he had no plans to let her in his life.

My thoughts:

I really wished this book was little longer. I liked Ryker and Elizabeth and I really wanted more of them.

Sweet Perdition was very steamy and there was NO insta-love. Ryker was very much a man that belonged in the MC world and Elizabeth had to grow a back-bone and figure out how to live in that world.

*ARC kindly provided by the author Cynthia Rayne in exchange for an honest review*

Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.



Sweet Perditon will be available to purchase on July 3rd, 2014!