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The Unfortunates

The weak fall…the strong prosper, and that was the way the new world went.

They live in a world were you are either Fortunate or Unfortunate. The Unfortunates are born into a world of slavery. Place on earth with the only goal of serving a Fortunate. The Fortunates are broken down to four main families that have all the control and power.

 Unfortunates are trained to serve Fortunates until the age of 18 when they are sold to a Fortunate for slavery. Unfortunates are never given names, just numbers and this is Nine’s story.

Unfortunates are weak…and in this world, the weak suffer.

Nine has just turned 18 and is purchased as a gift for 25 year of Kade Sario. She’s beautiful and strong which are rare qualities for an Unfortunate and many Fortunates are taking an interest in her.

Kade didn’t want an Unfortunate as a gift but his controlling father is testing him. Wanting to take over the Sario family wealth and power from his father, Kade doesn’t show weakness and excepts his gift.

Kade forms a plan.  If his Unfortunate is causing this kind of stir with his peers, maybe he can use that to over take his father’s power and control the Sario family. But first he has to gain Nine’s trust.

Out of Sario family, Kade is the most compassionate, he’s one of the  few Fortunates that sees an Unfortunate has a human being, but no one especially Nine should confuse his humanity with love. 

In this world, Nine’s only options are to trust Kade or kill her self. Deciding she has nothing to lose by trusting Kade, the two start on a plan to take down the Sario family.  Once this happens, Kade will offer Nine the only type of freedom she’ll have…to live “free” in his new house in the city away from the other Fortunates prying eyes.

To keep Nine safe, she stays in Kade’s room, and the sexual tension builds between them.  Unfortunates are not allowed pleasure, so when Kade decides to act on his lust and give Nine the pleasure any woman wants, he has to trust Nine as well.

Towards Nine, he needed to remain detached and cold. He didn’t know how, but Nine had a strange way of making him feel inclined to protect her…to comfort her.

As Nine and Kade work together to reach their goal, Nine starts to fall for Kade.  It doesn’t matter what Kade feels for Nine.  It’s forbidden for and Fortunate and Unfortunate to have anything other than a sexual relationship.  By admitting any feelings for Nine, he just might get both of them killed.

In this world, beyond sex, it would never work out. He offered her freedom, that was all she’d wanted, but now she wanted him.

The further they move forward with their plan, the harder it becomes to use Nine.

It appears a war is starting between Kade and his brother and between the other families, and when Kade still won’t admits his feelings for Nine, he discovers keeping them a secret might have been his biggest mistake.

This is only the first installment of the Unfortunates and it ends with a bang.  I do not read much or any Dystopia stories but I did enjoy this one.  I would label this Erotica/Dystopia as it’s not suitable for under 18.

Thank you Skyla Madi for allowing me to have an ARC copy and I can’t wait to read more about Kade and Nine.




The Sinners Bargain-Teaser


Being pulled in different directions, Amara must choose what she wants to believe and whom she’ll trust.


“That’s Mr. Wolfe’s.” Lisbeth said, pointing to her left. “That’s Mr. Underwood’s, though I think it’s temporary. I don’t really know.”

“Who is Mr. Underwood?” Amara asked. She tried to keep her voice calm.

“He’s one of Mr. Wolfe’s assistants. The large accounts go through him.”

Amara swallowed and gripped on to her purse, trying to keep her head from spinning. It was only a name.

“What’s his name?” she asked, despite herself.

Lisbeth stopped walking and turned to her, confused. “Excuse me?”

“Mr. Underwood. What’s his name?”

If a pin dropped during the pause, Amara would hear it and point exactly where it fell, that’s how anxious she felt.

“Brandon…” Lisbeth said, her brows crinkling. “Do you know him?”

She shook her head lightly and cleared her throat. “Nope. Just sounded familiar.”

Lisbeth shrugged and turned back around, pointing at the desk in the center of the room. “This is your desk.”

“That would be correct,” she heard Colin say behind them. Amara closed her eyes momentarily, until the heat that his voice produced began to wash away. “I’ll take it from here, Liz. Thank you.”

“My pleasure, Mr. Wolfe,” Lisbeth responded as she walked back to the elevator. “Let me know if you want to do lunch, Amara.”

“I will. Thank you.” Amara smiled, turning around to watch her go, though she refused to look at Colin head on.

“Perhaps another day, Liz. Amara needs to accompany me to my lunch meeting today at twelve. Please remind me fifteen minutes prior.”

“Sure thing.”

The elevator closed and Amara finally tore her eyes from it to look at Colin. He was running his tongue between his teeth as he assessed her body and her face.

“You look…” His eyes traveled down her body one last time before he cleared his throat. “Very professional. Let’s get started.”

Amara frowned and shook her head. She knew what he wanted to say, she could see the desire flickering in his eyes as he stared at her, but she played along. Amara pivoted around and swayed her hips a little more exaggerated than usual as she rounded the desk and sat in the chair. When she looked up, Colin was still standing in the same spot. Coincidentally, the suit he wore matched her skirt. It fit him as if it was made for him. He always bought the athletic fit tailor that hugged his strong back and arms. Colin’s dark gaze was glued to her as he strode over to her.

“Did you get a chance to see my office?” he asked casually as he walked toward it.


“Well, come take a look. You’ll have to know where the files go when you bring them to me, in case I’m on the phone or not here.”

Amara pressed down on her heels and stood, following him into the large corner office. She brushed past him, directly to the floor to ceiling windows and looked for her apartment building. She was sure she could see everything from there.

“It’s a beautiful view.”

“It is,” he agreed. She heard his chair sliding against the hardwood and let herself enjoy the view for a moment longer. He was looking at her when she turned around to face him.

“So, the files.”

“Yeah, the files,” he said, placing his hand on the right side of his desk. “I want them here. Anything I sign and is ready to be sent out, I’ll put on this side.” He signaled the left side of his desk. “I don’t think you can fuck that up.”

Biting her tongue, she looked away from him, back to the city, and reminded herself to breathe. “I think I’ll be fine. Anything else?”

“You’ll be in charge of my schedule. You’re on call all the time, anything I need you’ll have to take care of.”

She cut her eyes to him. “How did I end up here?”

“I shelled out a fuck load of money, that’s how.”


Scheduled to release: September 30, 2014



About the Author:Claire copy

Claire Contreras graduated with her BA in Psychology from Florida International University. She was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami, Fl, where she currently resides with her husband, two boys, and two American Bulldogs.

Life is short, and it’s more bitter than sweet, so she tries to smile as often as her face allows. She enjoys stories with happy endings, because life is full of way too many unhappy ones.


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Rex by Beth Michele


3.5 Stars

We meet Vanessa & Rex in Finding Autumn which you DO NOT need to read before Rex, but it gives the readers a little history about these two. Vanessa is Olivia’s best friend and Rex is Hunter’s brother.

Rex is still healing from the aftermath of his childhood and doesn’t think to highly of women.
There’s only one moral to my story. Women are cruel and dishonest, and they can’t be trusted. They are, however, good for one thing.

Vanessa has a new motto for life:  LOVE SUCKS

And gets the great idea to have those words tattooed on her body so she’ll always remember. When she ends up at the shop Rex works at, he tells her the truth…maybe this tattoo is not a great idea.

 A few days later, when Vanessa is set to meet Hunter’s brother she discovers he’s the same man who refused her a tattoo.

I’m basically an asshole magnet, a plague I can’t seem to escape.

But these two are use to meaningless sex and decide why not have some together. However, neither of them were excepting to feel so connected to each other, and what started out as just one night becomes something real.
Somehow, she’s reached into the core of who I am, pulling me up from the bowels of my shitty little life.


Rex is a hard shell to crack, and fights his growing feelings for Vanessa until he just might have pushed her too far.

My Thoughts:

Once again, I was happy with Beth Michele as an author. I think if you enjoyed Finding Autumn then you’ll like this one too. There’s no crazy drama, just two people fighting their demons to discover that real love is worth the fight.

☺ Happy Reading ☺

**A copy of REX was gifted to me by Beth Michele in exchange for an honest review.**


Leave A Trail

★★★★★ You Don’t Walk Away From Someone You Love. Ever Stars

If you are a fan of the Signal Bend series, then this last book is a must read. Susan Fanetti sucked me from book one and I have stayed on this crazy ride for all 7 books.

“I’m Horde because there’s no stronger family anywhere. No bond tighter.”

For anyone who hasn’t started this series, you should know that while most of the books change the main two characters from one book to the next, the story line continues on and makes one complete story that takes place over the span of ten years. You might find it difficult to pick up one book at random and follow the story. Readers should be warned while I enjoyed the Signal Bend series and I’m happy that read all 7 books, it might not be for everyone. For me… this felt like the most REAL MC series I’ve ever read. While a lot of MC books aren’t filled with hearts and flowers, this series goes in a different direction…much darker. One that will make you laugh, cry and most likely mad during different points, but if you don’t give up you’ll find a light at the end of the tunnel, it just shines brighter for some.

In Leave A Trail, Badger is still trying to find his way back from the dark. The events that happen in Show the Fire are keeping Badger in a bad place and are causing him to make horrible choices.

While Adrienne and Badger have never had anything more than a friendship, even living thousands of miles apart Adrienne can feel Badger spinning out of control and returns to Signal Bend in hopes of helping her friend.

I will say, I was a little worried with the direction Leave a Trail was going (douchebag Hero and door mat Heroine) but things come around quite nicely and Leave a Trail ended up being one of favorite books of this series. I loved Badger and Adrienne.

And WOW, The Epilogue really was a short story that helps wrap the series wonderfully.

Susan Fanetti…

Job well done, I’ll be looking out for what you publish next!

☺ Happy Reading ☺