Month: August 2014

Hot as Hades


When a rival club appears to be involved in criminal activity too close their home turf, they decide to investigate. This is how Cowboy found himself in the Raptor’s strip club with Daisy on his lap.

Daisy and her younger sister Rose were separated in foster care. When too much time has passed without hearing from Rose, Daisy discovers the last people to see Rose were the Raptor’s MC. Willing to do anything to find her sister, Daisy becomes a stripper.

Cowboy knows there’s something different with Daisy. She stands out from the other strippers and not just because she’s beautiful. So he decides to find out who Daisy is and why she’s working for the Raptor’s.

Daisy is an ex-marine and can take care of herself, but it becomes clear she’s not going to lose Cowboy and his club if she doesn’t come clean with who she is what she’s after.

The Four Horsemen and not so willing Daisy team up to find Rose and take down the Raptors. Cowboy’s first orders from his president are <u>do not sleep with Daisy</u>. The sexual tension between them is already off the charts and keeping his hands to himself is going to be his biggest challenge yet.



If you enjoyed book one in this series, then I recommend Hot as Hades. I really enjoyed both Cowboy and Daisy. For such a girly name, Daisy really is a bad ass that doesn’t take crap from men.

The sexual tension starts from the second Daisy and Cowboy meet, but it takes quite some time before the give in to that tension, but once they do the book becomes HOT.


Each book in this series reads as a standalone.


Hot as Hades is available for pre-order at Amazon and release date is September 5th, 2014.

***ARC kindly provided by Cynthia Rayne in exchange for an honest review***




4~ You’re the Exception Stars

Autumn’s life gets turned up side down when she’s forced to move across the country to live with a stranger.

Kenton is taking Autumn in as a favor for a friend, and it appears he’s already made his mind up about her.

You should never judge a book by it’s cover and it’s not long before Kenton is fighting for Autumn to give him a second chance.


It’s fair to say, I huge fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds and once again she delivers a strong alpha male, that’s easy to fall for. I enjoyed both Autumn and Kenton’s characters and think this is a great start to a new series. If you enjoyed the Until Series, then you’ll want to read Assumption.

Filthy Beautiful Lies

5 Amazing Stars

This is the first time I’ve read anything by Kendall Ryan, and I’m pleasantly surprised with just how much I loved this book!!

Sophie’s twin sister has cancer and without a very expensive treatment, chances are she’ll die. Her love for her family leaves Sophie willing to just about anything.

Colton is rich and powerful. Women have taught him that sex and intimacy have no place together.

This is how Sophie finds herself up for sale in a sex slave auction and how Colton end up purchasing her. Sophie needs money and Colton wants regular sex without an actual relationship.

This relationship isn’t what either of them was expecting. Colton discovers a type of women he’s never known before and Sophie is learning there’s a sensitive side to Colton when he starts letting his wall down.

I can feel us growing closer. Our connection, however odd and undefined, is growing deeper with each passing day. It’s the last thing I expected.


But this book is called Filthy Beautiful Lies for a reason and when lies and secrets come out, it leaves someone devastated and the reader waiting for the next book Filthy Beautiful Love, due to release September 29th, 2014.


Beautifully Done~Riley Mackenzie

3.75 Second Chance Stars

We first met Asher Craig in Beautifully Awake and now we get his story.

As children Asher, Chase, Kimi and Talia were inseparable, but as we learned in Beautifully Awake one night changed everything. Asher and Chase remained friends, but Talia leaves town and never returns.

Almost 20 years later, Asher runs into Talia at a bar, and his feelings for her flood back.

While Asher is discovering who this new grown up version of Talia is, the lies, secrets and pain of their past comes back to haunt them and Asher has to decide if he can handle the truth.

Over all I enjoyed Beautifully Done. In the beginning Asher annoyed me with his behavior and I thought the ending was OTT, but those two things aside, I would recommend this to anyone loving a second chance romance.

***While both stories in this series are standalones, I would recommend reading Beautifully Awake before starting Beautifully Done.***

Double Up by Vanessa North




3.75 Second Chance at Life Stars

Ben Warren has lived a lonely life for the last 15 years, after a wakeboarding accident ended his career.

Davis Fox appears to be successful and confident, but when you remove his outer layer, he’s just as lonely. 

Davis “Dave” walks into Ben’s shop looking for wakeboarding lessons. He desire to learn isn’t about the sport, it’s about getting close to his thirteen year old half brother who’s he’s been forbidden to see after announcing his sexuality.

 Ben wants to pursue Dave, but the two clearly have different needs.

I know you don’t do casual sex.

And you don’t do relationships.


“Slow down.” “What?” “Stop trying to get off and let me make love to you.”

“Aren’t they the same thing?”

“No Ben, they aren’t. And it’s fucking tragic that no on has ever shown you that before.”

Ben starts to let Dave in, but when Dave unexpectedly discovers that Ben has held more of himself back his trust in their relationship starts to fall apart. Now it’s up to Ben to let his past demons go before he’s ruins his future with Dave.

This is my first Vanessa North novel, and it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed Ben and Dave. While I don’t usually enjoy insta-love, it worked in this case.

Both Ben and Dave are dominate males (tops), and struggle with their roles with each other, but that just added to the lust and steam of the book!

It seems where he leads, I will follow, even when I’m trying so damned hard to be in charge.

There is something incredibly sexy about being ordered around by a guy who blushes when he does it.


ARC provided by NetGalley.

Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.

Incandescent by River Savage

4 HOT Biker Stars

When the Knights MC president gets called to his sons school to handle a problem, he meets what could possibly be his game changer…his sons teacher. 

Kadence Turner is surviving life but everything changes when Nix Knight comes through her door. He’s attractive, bossy and completely use to getting his way, but that doesn’t mean Kadence won’t push back at every change she gets.

 Kadence has closed herself off from men in general so dangerous MC presidents are off limits.

I’ve know the man for of five minutes and I can honestly say he infuriates me. Infuriates me and makes me think of things I shouldn’t be thinking about, especially about a student’s dad.

What Kadence has yet to discover is that making Nix’s work for her is part of the challenge, a challenge he doesn’t want to lose.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this women, but whatever it is, I’m sure as hell going to enjoy finding out.

 I thought Incandescent was a great start to a new MC series. Nix is my kind of hero: possessive, alpha, protective, and quite the dirty talker. Kadence in the beginning annoyed me, but over the course of the book she grew on me and by the end I liked her.

The secondary characters add to the story leaving the reader wanting to know what will happen next with another one in the club.

While Incandescent is a MC novel, the romance still takes the front seat in the story. Nix could be OTT with his ways, and the MC brushes the law, but this was <b>NOT</b> a dark, raw book. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, dirty talking, possessive alpha male.  



Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson


3 Stars

Micah. That’s the name on her fake ID. Her voice landed her a spot in the new up coming band, Resurrection. She had to be 21 to join the band, but that’s not why she has a fake ID. She’s running from a past, she would rather forget.

Saxon Waite was once a rock God. Men wanted to be him, woman wanted to screw him and the paparazzi followed his every waking moment. Four years ago, Saxon’s world crashed down on him when his partying a drug use landed him in serious trouble and his career faded away. Looking to get back into the game but not directly in the spotlight, Saxon is the manager of Resurrection.

 Micah had a crush on Saxon when he was famous, and now that’s she working for him it has increased. Saxon wants Micah just as bad, but he’s her manger and he’s four years older. With these two, lust wins and age appears to be just a number.

Pain is life. You can’t avoid it. It’s how you find the strength to go on that shapes you as a person. Without pain, you can’t live.

But when age is no longer just a number, it’s the foundation of who Micah really is…a minor, will Sax be able to forgive her?

My Thoughts: 

This is my first Missy Johnson book I’ve read and more than likely I will pick up another one. While personally, I was expecting a <b><u>wicked</u></b> book that would be slightly on the darker side, Wicked Innocence is pretty straight forward. Minus what readers already know before starting the book, their isn’t much more angst to it, however it fit my mood yesterday and I know that’s half the battle.

If you like rock star books, without a lot of crazy drama, then you should give Wicked Innocence a try.

 Happy Reading ♥

Wicked Innocence is due to release August 4th, 2014.