The Pact


4.5 Stars!!

What if you met The One only moments after your best friend started dating her? What if The One became your best friend instead of the love of your life? What if you can’t stop wanting the only woman that’s now completely off limits? You make a pact that if you’re both still single at the age of thirty, you’ll marry each other. At least that’s how Linden McGregor decided to handle his relationship with Stephanie Robson.

Stephanie, Linden and James are extremely close friends, only once upon a time… Stephanie and James dated for almost a year, but even after breaking up the three of them remained close. But as the years tick bye, Stephanie starts to wonder what could have been if she never dated James or if she dated Linden instead.



Linden has a well earned reputation for being one of San Francisco’s most known playboys and the fear that he might not feel the same way about her and ultimately ruining their friendship, is why Stephanie keeps her feelings a secret.

Stephanie and Linden were twenty-five when they agreed to The Pact and those five years weren’t easy on them. Other relationships come and go, some serious, some not but watching the other one with someone else doesn’t get easier with time.

The Pact is written with dual POV’s, so we know just how much both Stephanie and Linden want a relationship with each other. But as their thirtieth birthdays start to approach they have to act on their fears…they either move forward with the pact or let the idea slip away forever. Only now, it’s not just the two of them they have to think about.



Relationships are left broken and friendships are tested, but finally claiming The One should make the world perfect, right?

“When did I get so lucky again?” “When you accepted a dare.”

I’m shocked to say that I completely devoured The Pact. I’m not shocked at the amazing writing Karina Halle continues to deliver but I will be the first to admit that her books seem to push me out of my comfort zone so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading.

Yes, The Pact hit one of my serious dislikes when I’m choosing what to read next[For at least the first 40% of the book they are with other people (hide spoiler)] and yes it was a little more angsty then I normally prefer, but somehow everything came together in a way that didn’t bother me. This book hit me right in the heart and will be one that I will remember down the road and is something I would highly recommend!!!

The Pact is currently on sale for only .99 cents until the first of the year! You can get your copy here:



  1. I’m glad to see how much you liked this one. It’s getting such crazy reviews all over the board and I wasn’t sure what to think. I bought it anyway, in hopes that I’ll still like it!

    1. Personally, I’m not a fan of reading about the couple being with other people but for whatever reason, it didn’t bother me this time. That seems to be what most peeps on GR’s are complaining about. I hope you enjoy it, Brandi and Happy New Year.

      P.S. Your daughter is so stinkin cute!!!

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