A Father’s Fight

A Father's Fight (Fighting, #5)A Father’s Fight by J.B. Salsbury

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4-4.5 Stars

J.B. Salsbury is an author I truly enjoy. She blew me away almost two years ago with her debut novel Fighting for Flight and I have been a fan ever since. While a professional fighting series isn’t all that unique, the unexpected twist and turns she delivers in each story keep you guessing.

The first four books in this series can be read as a standalone. However, you should read Fighting to Forgive (book 2) to discover Blake and Layla’s journey to happiness before starting A Father’s Fight.

Blake went from a carefree bachelor with a different woman on his arm each night to a devoted father and soon to be husband to Layla and Axelle. But now with Layla pregnant with his child, there’s no limit to his possessive protective ways. Especially now that the past is threating their future.


When an author decides to add on to a story that is already complete in the readers mind, it’s a huge risk. I know a lot of readers (including myself) feel that and once you place a couple on a HEA shelf you hate to get them back out for unnecessary drama that might taint your thoughts of the original story. But that’s not the case with A Father’s Fight. Blake and Layla struggle to put the past behind them but their love for each other remains unconditional.


Blake is a nervous wreck while Layla’s pregnant. Keeping her safe and worrying about his abilities to be a good father are always on his mind. When he’s asked to go see his parents just days before Layla is due to deliver his child, he’s finally given the chance to face the one person who’s made him doubt himself.

Eighteen years ago, Layla future was robbed in a single night. The only good thing she walked away with was Axelle. She thinks she knows what happened that night, but she remembers nothing. But someone claims that have all the answers she needs, she just needs to stop and face the past.

Blake and Layla discover the journey they’ve traveled, both painful and beautiful was worth every moment when they are handed life’s most precious gift…their child.


*ARC kindly provided by Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review*


Amazon: http://amzn.to/1vFNkeW



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