HeroHero by Samantha Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Next to On Dublin Street, Hero is probably my favorite Samantha Young novel. I have a weakness for redeemabledouchebag hero’s and Caine Carraway definitely fits the fold for moody arrogant hero’s.

Alexa Holland grew up thinking her father was her own personal hero, who unfortunately had to work a lot when in reality he had another family. Alexa doesn’t discover this until years later when her father’s poor choices have permanently affected the lives of three families.

Alexa is now in her late twenties and working for a famous photographer in Boston when her latest job lands her in front of the one and only Caine Carraway.


Caine Carraway is a sexy self-made millionaire and after one look at Alexa he knows who he would like to spend his evening with… that is until she mentions her father’s name, because now he wants absolutely nothing to do with her and refuses to work with her boss, which in turn gets Alexa fired.

Alexa is nothing like her father, but for some strange reason, she wants to help Caine and seek her own redemption for her father’s actions, so Alexa seeks out Caine once again. Only this time when she walks away from him, she’s agreed to work for him as his PA.

Alexa needed a job and Caine stepped up and gave her one, but it’s clear what his motives were…which is make her life a living hell. If Caine says jump, he expects Alexa to say how high and if she doesn’t like it, she can leave and never return. But as time goes bye, working together starts to spark a whole new level of tension between Alexa and Caine and it’s not long before they act on their desire for each other.


After some explosive sex, Caine tries his hardest to put back up every wall he’s built regarding Alexa, but slowly they start to come back down again. Sex between them almost becomes an addiction, and for Alexa she knows she’s starting to fall in love. Alexa has never been enough for people who have claimed to love her in the past, and she’s starting to discover it’s the same with Caine.

I did not need to be saved by a man who couldn’t even save himself.

Caine was determined to make Alexa hate him, but he never meant for her to fall for him because he isn’t capable of forever. He explain the rules from the very beginning of their affair, but when Alexa decides her heart has had enough, Caine is left to wonder if his heart can handle more.


For every amazing moment with Caine, he dishes out a few crappy ones as well. He was truly determined to keep their relationship strictly physical but his actions always spoke differently. He was jealous and possessive of Alexa but due his own past, a past Alexa knows nothing of, he feels he’ll never be good enough for her.

While Caine tries to keep his emotions out of their relationship, the two are in a (view spoiler) relationship for most of the book. And slowly they become friends. The entire book is told by Alexa’s POV and there were many times I would have loved to know what Caine ws thinking. His words and actions hardly ever matched and what and why he was keeping a secret started to annoy me because it became clear that no matter how much he was feeling for Alexa he wanted to go to his grave with it.

Still, this was a great book and I truly enjoyed reading it, and might even read again one day!

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