3.75 Stars

So I have to admit, I’m kind of over the whole step-brother romance novels. It seems like every day there’s a new release involving stepsiblings and while I like a good forbidden romance I’m also looking for books that stand out and are original. The only reason I decided to pull the trigger on Prick was because a lot of my Goodread’s friends had either just read it or was currently reading it and at only 99 cents so I thought what the hell it’s worth a shot. So…I’m happy to report that while I’m still over the whole stepbrother scenario I did really enjoy Prick and the storyline was different from the other stepsiblings books I’ve read!!!


Caulter Sterling is a true man whore. He’s a douchebag, an asshole, and a real PRICK. For the last few years while he’s been sleeping his way through his private high school, he’s wanted to bag the girl deemed untouchable…Katherine Harrison. And right before graduation he gets his wish because Katherine text him wanting to meet up. She practically gift wrapped herself and handed him a night he can’t seem to forget.

Ten days later, Katherine’s (aka Kate) father drops a bombshell. He’s not only dating a woman but they’re about to get married, and it’s none other than Caulter’s mother. Kate picked Caulter to punch her v-card because she’s the Senator’s Harrison’s daughter. Boys either feared her father’s power or only wanted her so they could get close to him. Choosing Caulter was easy. He’s a whore, a one and done, someone that after graduation she’ll never have to see again. Only now thanks to her dad’s secret relationship she’s going to live with him for the whole summer break.

He’s off limits. And not just because he’s my new stepbrother—I mean, we’re not even related, sure, but I can’t even fathom the scandal that would involve—but because it’s Caulter. He’s the crudest, filthiest, sluttiest guy I’ve ever met in my life. I have absolutely no business wanting him.

The story is told by both POV’s which I was extremely thankful for. Caulter is such a prick that if I didn’t know what he was really thinking I’m not sure I would have liked him. He gets off on pushing Kate’s buttons and is trying to get her to come out of the shell that she and her father have built up around her because it’s clear that Kate is not living the life she would choose for herself.

The ending felt a little rushed but over all this was a fun easy book that I really enjoyed.


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