Declan + Coraline

description5 Stars

I enjoyed Declan and Coraline in Ruthless People so I was excited to read their story of how they met and fell in love.

From the moment Declan first sets his eyes on Coraline he knew she was different from any other woman he’s ever met. She makes him feel things he’s never felt before, she makes him feel like he’s just a guy falling for a girl, but Declan isn’t just a guy, he’s a Callahan and once Coraline understands what it means to be a Callahan, he’s afraid any relationship they have will be over.

”She takes away the nightmares. And for the first time in eighteen years I can dream again. She makes me smile a thousand times a day and laugh ten times as much.”

If you’ve read the Ruthless People series, then you already know that Declan and Coraline get married and what I love so much about their marriage is how it wasn’t perfect. Their love for each is almost perfect but they live life everyday just like everyone else fighting to keep their love alive.



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