Fisher’s Light

Fisher's Light


4 Stars

This is not my first Tara Sivec book but it’s the first one I found so emotional and raw. Romance books are a dime a dozen. It’s the ones that move you and really stand out that are rare. Even more rare are books involving a couple already married. Books so often give readers an emotional ride to their HEA and then the story ends and we are left to believe that life was filled with flowers and rainbows. Which we all know that even when you marry the right person, possibly even your sole mate that life has it’s ups and downs, so reading Fisher and Lucy’s story was a refreshing change.

Fisher meets Lucy just hours after signing his life over to the Marines but that doesn’t stop him from going for the only girl that’s ever made him want more. As the years go bye, Fisher and Lucy fall even more in love and they get married. During their time together, Fisher leaves on five tours over seas. Every time he returns home, he’s lost a piece of himself. Fisher being the strong alpha male that he is believes asking for help with his mental health is a sign of weakness.

When Fisher returns home for his fifth and final time, his mental state is so far gone that he wreaks his marriage. He single handily destroyed the only thing that truly mattered to him, but once he hits the lowest of low he gets the help he so desperately needs. Fisher still loves Lucy. Fisher knows in his heart he will never love another woman the way he loves Lucy so he sets out to make up for all the wrongs he caused.

I want this woman more than any drug or bottle of booze, and being without her is almost killing me.

Fisher’s Light is told in a dual POV alternating from three different times during their lives. Over the last few years of reading I’ve come to the conclusion that my brain doesn’t process alternating timelines well, because it’s something I don’t prefer, even when it works well with the story. With Fisher’s Light I was okay with the alternating timelines until the third timeline (when they first met in high school) was added. With that being said, I still fell in love with these two and I enjoyed reading a story that shows readers that life doesn’t end when you meet your sole mate, it’s truly just the beginning.

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