Beautiful Secret


3.5 Stars

There’s something about Christina Lauren books that I’m addicted to. I know without ever reading the blurb that I’m going to add the book to my TBR list. The Beautiful Bastard series has been one of my favorites and a lot of fun to read but Beautiful Secret stands out in a completely different way because it has such a unique hero.

Niall Stella is Max Stella’s younger brother (Max is the hero in Beautiful Stranger). Niall is recently divorced from the one and only woman he’s had a relationship with. He met his ex-wife when he was barely a teenager and they married young. Now Niall is close to thirty and discovering that single life is lot harder than it looks.


Ruby Miller is a twenty-three year old student working in London on an internship where she’s form a huge crush on Niall. Niall on the other hand doesn’t even know Ruby exists let alone the fact that they work at the same company until Ruby is chosen to take a month long trip with Niall to NYC.

Niall soon learns that Ruby’s outgoing personality and flirty nature are hard to resist. In a very short time, Niall opens up to Ruby more than he ever did in all the years he was with his ex-wife. Suddenly it’s not just Ruby that has a crush. Life is easy in NYC where it’s just the two of them but when they return to London they quickly discover that real everyday life is messy.

”I didn’t think men like you really existed”

Neither did I. Niall is definitely a unique hero. His respect for woman in general and how he views sex was a pleasant change. His only experience when it comes to how to handle a woman is what he learned from being with his ex-wife. That’s both good and bad. He’s divorced for a reason but he has a hard time breaking some of his old habits. He’s compassionate and overly sympathetic which in the beginning made me love him, but it also caused him to not use his head towards the end and left me with some mixed feelings toward his character.

I had mixed feelings on Ruby right from the start. She didn’t just have a crush on Niall, she was in full blown stalker mode. However, she grew on me and I was really happy to see how she stood up for herself at the end.

I’m not sure what’s next for this series, just that I’m sure I’ll read it!!


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