Kane’s Hell

Kane's Helldescription

4.5~ My Sweet Hell~ Stars

In my opinion Elizabeth Finn is a Queen of unforgettable antsy stories and Kane’s Hell is no different. My emotions were all over the place. I loved than hated than loved again while the pieces of this story finally came together.

”How can one little thing destroy so much?”

Kane and Helene have been best friends since childhood. At the age of seventeen they’re brushing against the idea of something more. Their flirty behavior and easy banter has them both ready to explode but they never got their chance. One horrible night changes the course of their lives, leaving them both broken.

Kane takes off leaving Helene behind to deal with her pain by herself and has absolutely no contact with her for eleven years. Suddenly he’s back in her life popping up everywhere and she’s not sure what to make of him.

One thing is very clear… they’ve handled their pain in very different ways. Helene jumped head first into her education. She continues to pursue just about every degree she’s capable of receiving. Kane however, jumped head first into every fight and whore he could find. His list of mistakes are longer than anyone would want to know.

descriptionNow Kane’s back and he’s enrolled in a college course that Helene (or his Hell as he liked to call her) teaches. Kane’s not pursuing a degree it’s clear he’s taking this class for one reason only…the teacher.

You slowly learn what happened to Kane and Helene and truly it’s heartbreaking and personally I found it slightly hard to read. The more you learn the more I understood how Kane could go from the nice sweet seventeen year old to the person he is today. That being said, I still almost hated him a few times, actually I did hate him at times. He’s emotionally hurt and when Helene doesn’t except him back with open arms he acts out in hurtful ways.

Since Helene’s focus has been her education, boyfriends and sex have taken a back seat. As much as her heart would like to explore something with Kane she wonders how she could ever compare to the lifestyle he’s lead for eleven years.

Moving forward means putting the past behind them but in order for that to happen, Helene needs answers, answers to questions that Kane’s not ready for.

”I needed you, and you left me. You left me in this place to deal with…everything on my own.

I need you to let me be angry with you. I need you to let me yell at you…forgive you.

Just tell me why? Why?”

“I can’t”

As the list of reasons Helene should walk away continue to pile up it’s their strong attraction and intense connection that she finds hard to ignore.

descriptionI think I was able to forgive Kane’s behavior and actions because everything he does is driven from his deep seeded pain. Helene is truly his sweet Hell and if given the chance Kane he’d do just about anything for her.

I’ve yet to read an Elizabeth Finn book that hasn’t stood out and the same is said about Kane’s Hell. This gut-wrenching story is without a doubt one that I’ll always remember!



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