Review Request

If you would like me to read and review your book, feel free to contact me at: Please include a book blurb, a short synopsis or a link to the book. Or you can fill out a request form.

*You can also contact me regarding books promos, blog tours, cover reveals and sales. *

Genres I read:
Contemporary, Erotic, Dark, New Adult, MM Romances, BDSM and Romantic Suspense.

I LOVE strong alpha males, bad boys, redeeming douchebags, and amazing heroines. Usually the smuttier the book the more likely I am to love it.

Genres I don’t read:
Historical, Paranormal, and most YA’s, just not my cuppa.

My Hard Limits:

1- Love Triangles.
I invest emotionally when I read and I hate that a main character is cheated a HEA. A few authors have pulled off a love triangle that I’ve enjoyed, but usually I end up hating them so for my own sanity, I steer clear of this type of story.

2- Cheating.
In the real world and fictional, I have found that everyone’s definition of cheating is different. For me it’s if a hero or heroine are clearly in a relationship and have any type of sex with another character. While I don’t enjoy reading detailed sex scene with the hero or heroine with another person, I can usually handle it if it happens BEFORE the H/h are in a physical or emotional relationship with each other.

3-No HEA.

I read for enjoyment. Like I said before, I invest emotionally with the characters and when the book doesn’t end with some type of HEA, I feel cheated. While I don’t need a perfect sweet ending, I hate books that end with the death of the hero or heroine, or when they are no longer in a relationship. I’m sorry, but what’s the point of reading something that will make me feel awful afterwards.

**While it’s not a hard limit, I don’t usually care for books that have too much angst, or lacks steam.
My Rating Scale:
5 Stars: When I give a book 5 stars it means that I was blown away and stayed up way too late reading to finish it. A 5 Star read is one that I’m usually still thinking about for days and will read again sometime down the road.
4 Stars: I loved it and would highly recommend it.
3 Stars: I liked it but didn’t love it, however I would still recommend it.
2 Stars: I struggled to finish it. It was either not my cuppa or was missing something that kept me from connecting to the characters or story and I would NOT recommend it.
1 Stars: DNF. I do not post 1 star reviews on my blog, Amazon or B&N but I do usually post something on Goodreads in a constructive manner explaining what didn’t work for me.

My world would not be complete without amazing talented authors writing books that rock my world. Even my favorite authors write books that I don’t love or even enjoy but as a blogger writing honest reviews is a MUST.

My reviews:

*Usually includes casting and personal artwork.
*Usually includes purchase or pre-order links when available.
*Are never mean, rude or will bash the author in anyway. If I disliked the book, I will explain why in the most professional way possible.
I try very hard to respond to every request that I receive, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. Please do not take it personally if you don’t hear back from me and always feel free to follow up with me or to request a future review.


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